Cardboard Packages Paper is a joint-stock company with private equity that started with the beginnings of the paper industry.

The company owns three paper machines located in the Facility of Paper Mill in Tychy Czułów and Facility of Solid and Glued Cardboards in Katowice - Kostuchna. These machines which produce top covers paper, cardboard sleeves, solid cardboard, are integrated into processing lines for the production of reels and glued cardboard. The company employs more than 200 people. It is an important supplier to many domestic and European manufacturers of sleeve, toilet paper and furniture.


Our goal is to produce high quality cardboards, recycled paper and reels./p>

Through our business activities, we build the long-term performance and professional relationships with our business partners. At the same time, we actively operate in the fields of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Company History

1883 - The owner of a pharmacy in Jelenia Gora pocesses the land in perpetual lease from the Duke build a cellulose factory in the village Czułów

1887 - Beginning of production

1914 - Construction of residential and school for the factory workers. World War I starts - a serious decline in production and major damage to the factory

1922 - Upper Silesian Cellulose and Paper Plant Joint Stock Company - plan for reconstruction, and start the paper mill

1925 - Installation of the first machines for paper packaging production

1945 - After World War II – The buildings were 80% destroyed and the crew was involved in the reconstruction, the factory is nationalized

1970 - The factory employs 930 people and becomes the leader in paper production in Poland

1972 - Modernization of machinery for the packaging paper production

1974 - A new machine for the production of glued cardboard

1976 - Liquidation of the paper mill

1992 - Tychy and Kostuchna - Silesia Paper Factory employs 400 people

1995 - Establishment of SILESIANPAP SA Treasury of State

1996 - Installation of waste water treatment plants completed and running. In November 1996, the French group, OTOR, acquired a controlling stake under an agreement with the Treasury. The new company was registered as OTOR Silesia SA

1997 - Implementation of the production of corrugated cardboard and its processes

2007 - A consortium of investors bought the company and changed its name to TOP SA

2011 - THIMM Verpackung & SAICA Pack bought part of the company comprising the production and processing of corrugated cardboard and creates a new company TOP THIMM Packaging. TOP SA modernizing the production and processing of paper and solid cardboard.

2012 - The company reinstalls the recycling facility and uses high pressure hydropulper to start multi-material packaging recycling. By expanding paper processing machines directly from assembly lines, the company adopts the strategy to become one of the market leaders in the production of reels, solid and glued cardboard.

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