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Our company has been a leading and well respected major manufacturer in the paper industry for the last 130 years. Our commitment to excellence is to provide all of our customers with the highest possible customer care.  The latest in advanced technology that we have utilized over the years has given us the ability to provide our customers the highest quality products. We are a dedicated leader in the production of heavy-weight paper and cardboard, but our specialty is manufacturing all types of reels. TOP SA is an innovative, environmentally-friendly company that manufactures its products from 100% recycled materials.

do we do?

TOP SA is a trusted manufacturer of paper, cardboard and reels of the highest quality, tailored to fit the customers needs.

In our offer we have products in weights from 90g/m2 to 2450 g/m2. We produce various types of paper: testliners, recycled fluting paper (schrenz) and others. We produce solid cardboard in rolls, sheets, glued and laminated. We produce reels in all sizes and weights.


Ecology to Economics

Protecting the environment is vital with the company's policy. We are FSC certified. We have created a multi-material packaging recycling technology.

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TOP SA Tychy
Tektura Opakowania Papier SA
ul. Katowicka 182, 43-100 Tychy, Polska
Telefon: +48 32 325 73 00
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E-mail: sekretariat@topsa.pl
TOP SA Katowice
Wydział Produkcji Tektur Litych
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Fax: +48 32 219 80 65
E-mail: sekretariat@topsa.pl