RecyklingProtecting the environment is essential to the management of our company. To maintain and preserve the principles of sustainable growth in the highest order, we use natural resources effectively. As a manufacturer of paper products and owner of a paper recycling plant, we understand the importance for recycling in every household, which is why we collaborate with other companies and organizations for raising environmental awareness.

  • In 2011, we obtained the international certificate of FSC ® CU-COC-816877, which confirms the raw materials we use in the manufacturing process come from responsibly supervised forest management.
  • We have our own sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 1,000,000,000 liters per year, which ensure a constant flow of high-purity water, providing clean water back into the ecosystem.
  • We act respectively with all proper rules regarding the protection of the environment through control and constant prevention of pollution, minimizing production waste and through system of pro-active ecological strategy.

One ton of recycled material can produce the same amount of paper as 17 trees. Our producing capacity allows us to recycle more than 55,000 a year for new paper. In 2012, we upgraded our machinery and started using high pressure hydropulper that allows us to use the original cardboard packages for liquid food as recycled material by extracting the cellulose fibers. Through this innovation, we have become one of the few companies capable of using this method of recycling. We actively cooperate with organizations that promote rational waste management in Poland. We invite suppliers of recycled papers to cooperate and do business with us.